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A certificate is issued where an electrician has carrued out some installation work.  This will include the installation of an additional socket right up to a new installation or rewire.

There are two types of certificate issued.  For a new circuit or more work an Installation Certificate is issued.  Where there is a modification to a circuit or other small work carried out a Minor Works Certificate can be issued.


When an electrical installation, or part of it is tested, your electrician will issue a report known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report.  This will detail any observations that the electrician has made about the safety of the installation as well as a checklist and a table of the circuits with the associated test results.

The observations will each have a classification code to indicate the severity of the defect.


The observations are coded into three categories:

  • C1 observation reporting the there is a danger present that requires immediate remedial action
  • C2 observation that indicates that the installation is potentially dangerous
  • C3 that indicates that an improvement is recommended, but this does not indicate any danger.


Electricians can test cables for both continuity and insulation resistance.  The continuity will ensure that the cable, most specifically the earth connection reaches the entire circuit.  Insulation resistance measures the quality of the insulation of the cable, which does degrade with age and damage.

Other tests include the electrical testing of RCDs to ensure that trip times are met and the RCD is not damaged or defective.


With very few exceptions all electrical installations require a relicable connection to earth.  This low-resistance connection will allow a large current to flow in the event of a fault, which in turn will allow a circuit breaker to trip cutting of the current before any further danger occurs.  Without this earth connection there mya be insufficient current to cause the circuit breaker to trip and then a voltage may be on a metal surface that can be touched.

Earthing arrangements also include connecting some metail pipework to the earthing terminal.