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Please visit these pages for help and information about electrical products, recalls and general information about electrical installation and testing.

We have information from what to do if your power goes off to help on specifying a rewire and lots in between.

Quite early on in any electrician's career it is clear that there is very little information given to property owners about the electrical equipment and systems that are installed in their homes and businesses.  Most people do not understand why something has been installed or what happens when things go wrong.  We at Solid would like to change this and have published these pages to help spread the knowledge in an understandable format.

We have explained the basics about how to reset a consumer unit or fuse board ad some common electrical terms and abbreviations that will help a non-electrician understand what has been installed in your property. 

We have also prepared some introductory information about electrical equipment that every property owner should be aware about.  This should not form part of your everyday existence, but will be of use when you require any electrical work or have an electrical fault.

There is also a link to Electrical Safety First which manages product recalls in the UK.

We do hope you find this information useful.

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The following equipment will be commonly installed as part of an electrical system:

Consumer Unit

Fuse Board




Surge Protection

Click HERE to see a definition of the equipment installed in your home or business.


Electricity can be dangerous and taking some basic precautions will reduce the risk of electric shock and fire.

  • Replace or repair damaged power cables.
  • Do not overload socket outlets
  • Keep electrical equipment away from water.
  • Keep children away from electricity
  • Avoid excessive use of extension leads to reduce the risk of tripping and overloading sockets.
  • Keep electrical equipment clear.  Do not hang clothes over electrical heaters and allow some space around your consumer unit to prevent overheating.


Please read our pocket guides

to keep you safe at home.

1 .Working From Home

2. Consumer Units

Coming soon:

3. USB Awareness & Plug Safety

4. Kitchen and Cooker Electrical Safety

5. Smoke, Fire and CO Alarms

6. Extension Leads

7. Solar Guidance and Information

8. Lighting Safety and Energy Usage

9. Doorbells

10. Inspection and Testing

11. Christmas Safety


Please consider the following before calling an electrician:

Failure of a circuit can be the result of nuisance tripping of a MCB or RCD.  Please try to reset your circuit by pushing up on the affected switch in your consumer unit.

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The following technical terms are commonly used by electricians:


Electrical Installation Condition Report



Click HERE to see a definition of the equipment installed in your home or business.


The following downloads are available:

A guide to electrical work in kitchens

A guide to electrical work in bathrooms
A guide to electrical work in gardens
A guide to electrical work for an extension
A guide to safety for loft conversions
A guide to getting your electrics checked
A guide to a rewire
A guide to Part P
A guide to our Platinum Promise

These have been produced by the NICEIC as part of their householder factsheets.  The NICEIC is dedicated to electrical safety and Solid Electrical is proud to a member of the NICEIC.

The average success rate of an electrical product recall in the UK is just 10-20%, this means that there are potentially millions of recalled electrical items still in the UK.  So click on this link and check your safety: